We have a tendency to miss what is right under our noses. After uncovering the treasures in Kennebunkport, Maine, we can safely say that the summer adventure you’re looking for can be found in Kennebunk Port, Maine.  With its beaches, spectacular vistas, fishing expeditions, historical homes, trolley tours, nature walks — and even fairy spotting. Kennebunkport has enough attractions to turn a day trip into an excursion that can stretch out over several, adventurous, fun-filled days.


Kennebunk, Mother’s & Gooch’s Beach

BEACH AVE., OFF Routes 9 & 35

If you’re searching for sand dollars, or just looking for the kind of sand that’s perfect for building sand castles, you’ll want to head to one of these beaches. http://www.kennebunkmaine.us/307/Local-Points-of-Interest

Goose Rocks Beach

King’s Highway, Off Route 9, North of Kennebunkport Village
With its three-mile long stretch, this is the perfect spot for a quick morning run, or a place to gather seashells, this beach boasts stretches of fine white sand on the East Coast. The name “Goose Rocks” comes from a barrier reef rock formation that you can see at low-tide. The beach is about 3 miles, giving you a 6-mile round trip run/walk. https://visitmaine.com/things-to-do/parks-recreation-areas/goose-rocks-beach/

Arundel Beach

Off Ocean Avenue, near the Colony Hotel
This is the place to come to watch the surf splash against the rocks. No permit needed to park here, and dogs are welcome. http://gokennebunks.com/pages/visiting/beaches

The Kennebunk Beach Workout

If you prefer to take your run/walk off the sand, you’ll love the “Kennebunk Workout.” This 3-mile round trip (1.5 miles each way) is paved with a sidewalk. The walkway runs along Beach Avenue from Booch’s Beach to Lord’s Point, filled with joggers, walkers, and skateboarders and roller-bladers. The scenic view gives a view of both sandy and rocky beaches, shorefront homes, and souvenir stands. https://visitmaine.com/things-to-do/parks-recreation-areas/kennebunk-beach/

The Parson’s Way Shore Walk

If you want to combine your beach walk with a view of some of the area’s beautiful white column historical homes, including the home of former President George H. W. Bush, head to the Parson’s Way Shore Walk. At almost 5 miles round-trip, you’ll see Colony Beach, and the historic St. Ann’s Church, http://stannskennebunkport.org/ a historic chapel built in 1887 that overlooks some of Kennebunkport’s beaches. You’ll also see the natural phenomenon Spouting Rock, a natural blowhole that spews waves up in an explosion of water, and Blowing Cave. http://www.kennebunkport.worldweb.com/SightsAttractions/SpecialtyAttractions/

Short Sands Beach

7 Beach Street, York, ME
Located in York, locals always try to make at least one annual trip to the vintage Fun-O-Rama. Bring plenty of quarters for the old-fashioned skeeball, air hockey, and pinball machines. http://funorama.us/


Narrated Trolley Tours

Around the corner from Dock Square at 21 Ocean Avenue
This 45-minute guided tour gives you a chance to take the weight of your feet, while you gather insights about Kennebunkport’s 300-year history, from native Americans, ship builders, fisherman and the Presidential home. Group tours are available with discounts for 20 or more passengers. http://www.intowntrolley.com/

Lobster Tour/Kylie’s Chance

4 Western Ave. (Route 9), Kennebunkport, ME
In addition to giving you a first-hand view of the seals sunning on Bumpkin Island, the Lobster Tour takes you aboard an authentic 65-foot lobster boat. Complete with real lobstermen, you’ll have a front-seat view of watching them pull traps, and learn how the Maine lobster makes its way to the dinner table. https://firstchancewhalewatch.com/activities/scenic-lobster-tour/

Kennebunk River Kayaking

Kayaking tours, licensed by Maine Guides, are available at several shops where they rent kayaks. The tour can be catered to your specific ages and skill levels.  http://www.coastalmainekayak.com/


Seashore Trolley Museum

195 Log Cabin Road, Kennebunkport, ME
After your ride on the Trolley, you’ll want to stop into the Trolley Museum, which houses a collection of vehicles that comprise a timeline of our country’s evolution of public transportation, including, electric streetcars, buses, light rail vehicles and rapid transit cars. Even dogs are welcome to special events. http://trolleymuseum.org/

First Families Kennebunkport Museum

8 Maine Street, Kennebunkport, ME
This museum is housed in an 1853 Greek Revival home, includes a tour of the home itself, originally owned by the Perkins Family. The guided tour covers the town’s origins as a shipbuilding port, early merchants and the summer home of former President George H.W. Bush. http://www.kennebunkporthistoricalsociety.com/nott-house/

Brick Store Museum

117 Maine Street, Kennebunkport, ME
With its rotating exhibits, the Brick Store Museum covers stories on Maine’s past and encourages discussions about Kennebunk’s future. Current exhibits include “Design and Function,” “Antique, Past Present,” and even a look “Fairy Tales, Art and Artifacts.” In addition to exhibits, the center houses classes and educational programs that not only educate but keep you entertained all year long. http://www.brickstoremuseum.org/

Nature Preserves


The Wells Reserve and Laudholm Trust is a National Estuarine Research Reserve, the include trails through tall prairie grasses, wildflowers, boardwalks over salt marshes, and ends at Laudholm Farm Beach. The reserve is open every day and can be found at 342 Laudholm Farm Road. The public entrance is off Skinner Mill Road. http://www.wellsreserve.org/visit/

Mackworth Island Trail

This is not only a great place for birdwatching but also fairy spotting! The trail host a sign that says: “The village provides fairies with cottages during their visits to the island. We invite you to visit the village and admire the creativity of the builders. If you are so inclined, you may use your own imagination to expand the village or provide needed maintenance to the existing cottages. Thank you for treating the island with care and respect.” http://trails.org/our-trails/mackworth-island-trail/

Regardless of where you take your summer adventures this summer, be sure to contact a Cole Harrison agent to discuss your travel insurance needs.

Note: “Beach passes are required on all vehicles (including motorcycles and scooters) parking along Beach Avenue from June 15th through September 15th. Passes are required to park at Gooch’s Beach, Middle Beach and Mother’s Beach. Click here for more information.” http://www.kennebunkmaine.us/308/Beach-Passes

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