When it comes to planning your spring break vacation, the more you know in advance, the less stress and lower the costs. Here are a few strategies to help you save money while still having the spring break vacation of your dreams.

Get Strategic with Travel Dates

Most people plan spring break as a 7-day adventure that starts and ends on the weekend. By switching up your travel to a 5-day or mid-week trip, you can take advantage of airline and hotel’s lower non-weekend prices.

Grab Last Minute Deals

For those who are feeling a bit adventurous, many travel sites offer last-minute spring break bundles, with discounted rates that continue to drop as the departure date approaches.

Use Travel Points

Be sure to sign up for loyalty programs for airlines, hotels and credit. Check your status to see how many points you can apply to your trip, or if there are other perks for stuff like dining and car service.

Do the Math and Buy a Pass

A family pass can usually pay for itself in two visits, and sometimes includes VIP coupons, gifts, and amenities not found with day pass purchases. Plus, you’ll have the option to spread out your visit to a ski slope or amusement park over several days.

Hit the Road

Low gas prices mean a road trip could be your cheapest option. Apps like GasBuddy help you estimate the price of your trip and direct you to the best fuel deals.

Consider Camping

For the truly adventurous at heart, turn your vacation into one under the stars. Rent an RV or pack a tent and reserve a campsite. Recreation.gov can help you find government-owned campsites along your route and make getting there a vacation itself. Plus, campfire meals are a great way to cut your food budget.

Seek Alternative Accommodations

VRBO, Airbnb and Kid and Coe are home rental sites that cater to families who want to stay somewhere that feels like a home away from home.

Be Frugal with Food

If your hotel or house has a kitchen, make as many meals as you can yourself. When grocery shopping, don’t forget to stock up on granola bars or healthy snacks to eat while on the go. In addition, some hotels offer free breakfasts or afternoon snack bars.

Make Memberships Count

Grocery stores, auto, and food clubs often offer membership perks in the form of discounted tickets to popular attractions and museums. Some also offer discounts on hotels, rental car, and vacation packages.

Wherever you go, be sure to contact your Cole Harrison agent to review your coverage to ensure you and your belongings are protected.

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