Spring is a season of renewal. A time when you can create fresh looks for your home’s backyard that will boost its functionality.

Most importantly, you don’t have to spend much to yield beautiful results. With a little time, money, and effort, here are four ideas that can transform your backyard.

Define Spaces

Your backyard is an oasis that could also function as a kitchen, play area, an outdoor living room, and more. Therefore, a good place to begin is to designate areas based on the functionality you hope to achieve.

To demonstrate, if you want to make one area of your backyard a gathering place for cookouts or languid afternoons in the sun, you could rearrange your existing outdoor furniture to achieve this look with minimal investment.

Meanwhile, for your garden area, consider adding a walking path. Bob Villa recommends using quarter-inch crushed rock in lieu of pavers to give the path a more natural texture. You can create a curved path to give the ambiance of shape and reflection as guests enjoy your garden in serenity.

As part of designating spaces, you’ll want to buy accessories that help you tie the look together. A great example of this is buying a small storage shed to hide your children’s toys when they are not using them.

By designing specific areas of your backyard based on unique purposes, it gives its appearance a cohesive flow and a fresh look.

Add Low-Maintenance Foliage

Installing trees, ornamental grass, woody vines or bushes can enhance the look of your backyard while supplying other benefits. For starters, the foliage adds dimension to your backyard space, while also providing you and your guests the luxury of privacy.

Additionally, foliage such as bushes and trees are relatively low maintenance in that you won’t have to replace them every year like you would with certain flowers and plants. Adding further benefit, foliage can provide much-needed respite from the sun, making the outdoors more comfortable and as an added incentive, it can lower your home’s cooling costs by shielding the sun’s heat from the windows.

Use Good Mulch

Mulch provides a uniform look among your flower beds and garden. What’s more, it seals in the nutrients and moisture to help your plants thrive.

Best of all, in some communities it’s free. Money Crashers recommends contacting your local parks department to see if they or anyone else in your community offers free mulch.

And if they do, it’s important to be prepared as they won’t package the mulch in bags. Instead, you’ll need a truck and shovel to transport it. Considering bags of mulch can cost around $10 at some home improvement stores, the extra effort is well worth it.

Perennials Are Your Best Friend

When selecting flowers for your garden, perennials make a great choice. The reason for this is they return every year unlike annuals, which you will have to uproot and buy every year. Perennials can also require less maintenance compared to other types.

As with all vegetation, it’s important to take climate and sunlight into consideration when deciding where to plant your garden. By doing so, you can place the flowers in areas where they will thrive and in turn, your backyard too.

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