Memorial Day weekend is a time of celebration and honoring veterans. It’s also a time when many friends and family gather for cookouts, watch parades, go to the beach, visit amusement parks and enjoy the much-improved weather. To ensure your celebrations go safely, here are some precautions to consider when planning for that weekend.

Plan with the Weather in Mind

If you’re participating in outdoor activities, then you’ll want to keep an eye on the weather, especially if the forecast is for warmer temperatures and high humidity. When this happens, it’s important to pack plenty of bottled water. Staying hydrated during these events can reduce your risk of incurring muscle cramps, dehydration or heat stroke. Another aspect of the weather is protecting your skin from the sun. When searching for sunscreens, the FDA recommends finding ones made of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide because they deflect UV rays away from the skin, making them the most effective in protection.

Meanwhile, summer weather tends to be volatile in many parts of the country. With this in mind, prepare an indoor contingency on the offchance Mother Nature decides to disrupt your gathering.

Cookout Safety Tips

Cookouts are one of America’s finest past times, but they also carry many risks associated with them. Let’s start with the grill. Regardless of which type (propane, wood, charcoal) you use, here are some safety tips:

  • Keep flammable materials away from the grill at all times
  • Make sure someone is manning the grill when in operation
  • Follow all directions to a T when starting your grill
  • Keep the grill’s hood closed when you’re not tending to food
  • Turn off the gas when finished
  • After cooking, keep a watch on the grill as it cools

Grilling is only one area where problems can originate. When devising a safety plan, it’s important to keep all members of your party in mind. This can include preventing access to the garage, where children could incur injury from playing with garden tools. It can also include removing obstacles such as toys to prevent folks from tripping. And if you have steeper steps that lead to your patio or backyard area, designate someone to stay by to help people navigate the area. The more time to you spend on contingencies the fewer surprises will come your way.

Having a Safe Road Trip

Memorial Day weekend is an excellent time to get away for a few days. Before loading your family sled full of your gear, you first want to make certain it’s ready to handle your adventure. Check the tire’s PSI levels to ensure they are within the manufacturer’s specifications–you can find the PSI levels in your owner’s manual. In addition, you’ll want to inspect the tire tread depth, make sure all of your vehicle’s fluid levels are full, and that it runs well.  If you need a fresh perspective, many dealerships offer inspections for a nominal fee.

After preparing your family truckster, you’ll want to include these safety items for your trip:

  • An emergency roadside and first aid kit
  • A hand crank cell phone charger
  • Numbers of the highway patrol of every state you’ll visit
  • Blankets
  • Fresh food and bottles of water
  • Medications anyone is taking

All told, taking those extra steps of preparation will go a long way to ensuring your family has an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day weekend. The start of summer is also an excellent time to ensure you have the financial protection you need for your home and automobile. Contact an independent Cole Harrison agent today to learn more.

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